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“I wasn’t desperately seeking acting work in the Eighties. I was doing more ‘alternative’ performances in Downtown New York as well as independent films like Beth & Scott B’s Vortex and Sara Drivers Sleepwalk.  Susan Seidelman cast a lot of us downtown types inDesperately Seeking Susan and then cast me as the lead in Making Mr. Right (opposite John Malkovich). Most recently I played Christopher Walken’s wife in When I Live My Life Over Again, also starring Amber Heard.  Hollywood has helped pay the bills, not to mention support my performance art habit!”

As a film actress, Magnuson has been ravished by David Bowie in the classic vampire film The Hunger, had her neck broken by a suave Cuban drug dealer in the Harrison Ford thriller Clear and Present Danger, romanced robot John Malkovich in Making Mr. Right, played Jodie Foster’s uppity real estate agent inPanic Room, told off Meryl Streep inBefore and After, seduced River Phoenix in A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon, and gave Samuel L. Jackson his first love scene EVER in The Caveman’s Valentine. Other memorable cinematic roles include the sly cigarette girl who is sassy pals with Madonna inDesperately Seeking Susan, the sexy, blue-skinned and multi-armed goddess who deflowers Chris Elliot in Cabin Boy and the manic Patrick-Nagel-styled publicist in Mariah Carey’s now-classicGlitter. She has acted in many independent films including The United States of Leland, Still Breathing,Ghostlight, Beth and Scott B’sVortex and Sara Driver’s Sleepwalk. VARIETY said of her tour-de-force dramatic performance as a home-shopping-club TV hostess having a nervous breakdown in Brian Pera’sWoman’s Picture, “Fassbinder meets Sirk…Miriam is a showcase for Ann Magnuson (at the top of her game).”