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“Having grown up on TV, I suppose it was inevitable that I would end up on it. Actually my very first TV appearance was on the local Romper Room. As you can see in the photo, I was quite bewildered by it all. I am still bewildered, but also bewitched. As fun as it is to be on network and cable TV, my favorite piece remains Made for TV, a video made with the late Tom Rubnitz in 1984 where we spoof and celebrate the medium. Now that much of TV has moved to the internet, I am moving with it. Ann Magnuson’s Dream Puppet Theater is a collaboration with filmmaker and animator Jonathon Stearnes. The pilot is finished and we hope to launch soon. Stay tuned!”

Magnuson was the first ‘devil who wore Prada’ magazine editor character in the early 1990s ABC-TV sitcom Anything But Love (opposite Jaimie Lee Curtis and Richard Lewis) and has appeared in numerous TV shows including Frasier,CSI:MiamiThe Drew Carey Show, The John Larroquette Show, Caroline in the City, the HBO series From the Earth to the Moon, and Our House (opposite Doris Roberts for the Hallmark Channel). She played the spacey doula on Frasier, an independent movie director in HBO’s Unscripted, (George Clooney directed), the Apollo astronaut’s favorite nurse in Tom Hanks’ HBO series From The Earth To The Moon.Most recently she has played the conceptual artist Stina Lieberman in HBO’s series Looking,  a con-artist fortune teller in a 4 episode arc on The Young and The Restless, and the militant, Segway-riding security guard at Fred Willard’s retirement community on Modern Family.

Ann’s latest television project is the upcoming web series, Ann Magnuson’s Dream Puppet Theater, written by and starring Ann, who performs both as herself and as the voices of the the many animated characters. In each episode, Ann’s Grandma Magnuson’s handmade dolls take turns telling their dreams of the previous night, followed by a sophisticated dream analysis.AMDPT is a surreal and hilarious journey into the depths of the human psyche! Click here to watch the trailer and stay tuned for info on when and where you can see the premiere!